BLOOD TYPE "0"-- Yummy hot

  • Sociable, energetic, extroverted, frank, realist, showy, flighty, generalist
  • makes friends easily-goes with flow and grasps opportunity-flexible
  • quick to start a project or chase an idea
  • when prospects are bad are first to bail out
  • may have short attention span
  • express strong emotions and may quickly take opposite view
  • declarations are deep but not always durable
  • classic entrepreneur -movers and shakers -move from place to place
  • express their emotions but can be swayed by other blood types
  • has an intrinsic elegance
  • sociable and showy
  • may be performer 
  • some good at crime
  • adapt to circumstance-words come easily to them
  • not self conscious- frank reveal inner feelings
  • ambitious, realist -material is more important than intellectual
  • may have problem with detail
  • tasty with "red" meat

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