Speaking with Confidence - GHUM 1025

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Dates: Week of May 8-August 14, 2001  
Tuesday 1-4 pm
Room 350E CRN: 51499
Professor: BCA


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May 8

Introduction Outlines/Assignment Package
coping with Speech Anxiety-Types of Stress
Anxiety Factors/Symptoms and Controlling Stress
What does appearance say?

All students speak from seats

Benefits of Public Speaking
Coping with Speech Anxiety
Speaker Credibility


May 15

Non- Verbal Communications/ Body Language
Speaker Credibility

Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation Techniques
Students form groups/learn relaxation techniques and teach class through group presentation/demo (no marks)
Relaxation Techniques

Assignment: Students find a partner from another program and do personal interview to introduce their partner in presentation next class.Speech of Introduction

May 22 Introduction of Partner Presentations
Two Truths and a Lie
Intro Presentations (15%)
Assignment: Prepare a 3-5 minute speech about one issue/thing that bothers you-with solutions- for next class What Bugs You Speech
May 29

What bothers you speeches
Two Truths and a Lie

Learning Styles and How to Present to Different Types of Learners
Persuasion/Fallacies of Reasoning
Discuss first major speech due July 10 and discuss MID TERM Group Impromptu on June 19

What bothers you speech (15% )
Presenting to Different Learning Styles

Persuasion/Fallacies of Reasoning

Persuasion: Attitudes, Beliefs & Behaviours

Assignment: prepare first major speech for July 10



June 5

NO CLASS-use time to choose topic for major speech and do research


Work on major speech and confirm topic in class next week or by email

June 12 What bothers you speeches
Two Truths and a Lie
Video: Speaking our Minds (selected parts)
Review speeches so far
Evaluating Speeches
Evaluating a Presentation
June 19


Students will have chosen a topic and date for major speech by this class.

July 3


Major Persuasive Speeches

First Major Speech (20%)

July 10 Major Persuasive Speeches  
July 17 Major Persuasive Speeches
Prepare for group discussion and Debates
July 24

Group Behaviour/Organizing a Debate or Panel Discussion
Prepare for Group discussion

July 31 Group Discussions/Debates Group Discussions (20%)
August 7 Group Discussions/debates  
August 14

Final In Class Group Challenge


Group Challenge (15%)


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