Major Persuasive Speech Schedule

PLEASE NOTE: Order of sign up does not represent time of presentation. All students should be prepared to present first on their chosen day.

As well as your in class speech, on the day of presentation before you speak, you must hand in a written POINT FORM summary of your speech and a properly written bibliography with your three specific sources.


w/o July 3, 2001
(12 presenters only)


w/o July 10
(12 presenters only)



w/o July 17
(12 Presenters only)

***Students must be present on the day they have chosen. If for any unforeseen reason, a student can not be present for the date chosen, the student must contact the professor prior to the date to try to arrange an alternate time. No make up dates will be given if the date of sign-up has passed.

***Students who do not show up on the two dates other than their day will have marks deducted from their speech unless there is a verifiable reason for absence.

Please notify the instructor as soon as possible about your topic. If your name does not appear on this list, please contact the instructor. EMAIL INSTRUCTOR




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