Speech of Introduction

Find a person in class who is unknown to you and in a different program. Do an in depth interview of that person. Take down notes to prepare a 3-5 minute speech of introduction to be presented in the next class.(Worth 15% of your final mark)

Things to keep in mind:


What is the person's exact name-learn how to pronounce both names and be able to write your partner's name on the board.

What is interesting or different about the person? What things did you have in common? What is different from you or your background? Ask probing questions that demand more than a yes or no answer. Look for things that will give us insight into your partner's character.

Is there an interesting anecdote you can relay? Does the person have a nickname? How did he/she get it? What goals does the person have? What experiences are unique? What does she/he love or hate. Where would he/she rather be? What did the person do on the holidays?

What would be an interesting way to present the information? Can you use any kind of visual to aid the introduction?

Avoid presenting the laundry list of facts about the person. Find a way to put your ideas together to make an interesting story with a beginning a middle and an end.

Please make sure that you have checked all your facts and that anything you tell the class have been approved by the other person.


Next class you and your partner will go up to the front of the class together to introduce each other.

First write your partner's name on the board and pronounce it correctly. When presenting your speech smile and keep good eye contact with your entire audience and with your partner. Avoid looking at the instructor too much or your audience will feel excluded. Don't forget you are introducing your partner to the group. Don't read your information; that will make it seem that you don't really know the person.


Individual marks based on content, organization, and presentation. See the evaluation sheet. (Speaking Analysis Sheet ) (15%)