What Bothers You Speech

Find an issue or thing that really bothers you. Make some notes about why it bothers you, how it bothers you and the consequences of the issue. Find some examples of the issue from your own experience or from other sources. Figure out some possible ways the issue could be made better or even resolved. Put your ideas together into a 3-5 minute speech, with a beginning, a middl,e and a conclusion.

Topics: Your speech can be on a serious issue such as homelessness, price of education, war, racism, etc.

Your speech may be on a more personal issue such as procrastination, lateness, public transportation, road rage, cell phones, line ups, voicemail, homework, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, roommates, fashion, blind dates, TV, music, etc. It may be serious or humorous, but it must have passion!

Presenting: Involve your audience with animated expression, interesting content and great eye contact. Smile or be serious whichever suits the topic. Show your passion for the subject. Tell a story! Bring up notes (point from only). Don't read!! You know what bugs you!!


Individual marks based on content, organization, and presentation. See the evaluation sheet. (Speaking Analysis Sheet ) (15%)