Introductory Psychology GNED 1058/GSSC1058--Group Assignment

In groups of 6-7 prepare a 20 minute presentation on one of the following topics or one of your own choice with approval from the professor. Notify the professor as soon as possible (in class or by e-mail) of your proposed topic and proposed date and proposed members

Proposed Topics:

1. Sources of stress/Defence Mechanisms

2. How stress affects health

3. Psychology of dreams-dream cycles-importance of dreams

4. Right brain/left brain

5. Left handedness and psychology

6. Intelligence testing

7. Personality testing

8. Psychology of quitting smoking

9. How a child acquires language

10. Depression and how to treat it

11. How to study-to improve learning according to psychology

12. Phobias and how to treat them

13. Schizophrenia and treatment

14. Addictions and treatment

15. Autism and treatments

16. Attention Deficit Disorder and treatments

17. Self Help books-do they help?

18. Hypnosis

19. An issue in social psychology

20. Emotional Intelligence

21. How psychology is used in Human Resources to select job candidates

22. Conformity

23. Your choice, subject to approval

Your research must include at least three credible sources not including your textbook, or encyclopedias. Your presentation should include some kind of visual. See the links page of our web site for sources of information and possible topics.


All members of the group must be involved in the presentation. If you include a video in your presentation it must be no longer than 5 minutes. No reading allowed!! Read papers will be taken away from the presenters. Choose your groups and dates carefully.

Written Hand In Summary:

Each group will hand in a one page topical summary of the points covered by each member and the sources used. In addition each member will hand in a point form summary of their own presentation with a complete bibliography.


50% (12.5 marks) of the grade for this assignment will be based on the overall group presentation. The other 50%(12.5 marks) will be based on the individual's portion of the presentation and her/his hand-in summary note.

NOTICE: You will choose the date of your presentation. If there is a problem with the date of presentation, students must contact the instructor with a reasonable explanation before the presentation and discuss whether any make-up date is warranted. No make-up dates will be allowed after the date of presentation has passed except in cases of extenuating circumstances



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