1. As you concentrate on watching a movie or play, do you get absorbed
                 in what is going on that you lose awareness of where you are?

                         a) Yes
                         b) No
                         c) Depends on situation.

                         If so, do you ever get so absorbed that when the curtain comes down
                         you are surprised to realize you are sitting in a theater?

                             a) Yes
                             b) No
                             c) Depends on situation.

                 2. In general, as you perceive time, where do you
                 focus more of your attention?

                     a)  Past   b) Present    c) Future    d) All three equally

                 3. The French philosopher Pascal once said, "The heart has a mind
                 which the brain does not understand." He said there are two kinds of
                 mind: The heart-mind and the brain-mind. As you know yourself, which of these two minds do you
                 give priority to?

                      a) Brain-mind       b) Heart-mind

                 4. How do you relate to another person?

                     a) Prefer to control the interaction.
                     b) Prefer to let the other person take over as he or she wishes.
                     c) Depends on situation.

                 5. In your proneness or tendency to trust other people, where on Average would
                 you place yourself on a scale?

                      a) Above Average      b) Below Average

                 6. How do you tend to learn something new?

                     a) Judge it critically at the time you are learning it.
                     b) Accept it and perhaps judge it critically at a later time.

                 7. As you sense your responsibility for what you do, where do you place
                 yourself on a scale?

                     a) Above Average   b) Average c) Below Average

                 8. If you are learning something new and you know in advance that it
                 is of such a nature that you can learn it clearly, safely and equally well which would you prefer?

                      a) Touching it.     b)  Seeing it.

                 9. When you come up with a new idea, there are two parts to it: One is to
                 dream it up, and the other is to figure out how to do it. Of these two parts, which gives you a
                 greater sense of fulfillment?

                     a) Dreaming it up.
                     b) Figure out how to do it.

                 10. As you come up with or work out a new idea, which is more necessary?

                      a) Write notes.
                      b) Feel your way through without writing.