Karen Hamilton
M i s s i o n

Striving to survive in a lost universe, I seek to understand the various dysfunctions I am set into.

At an early age before it was fashionable, I decided that I was indeed from another planet, for surely these mortals surrounding me were not my real parents.

There was no other answer but that they had abducted me from the aliens.

Resolved to my plight, I studied their psychology and their communications. To survive in this land of dysfunction, I have taken up teaching these alien communications and psychology.

But alas, this was not enough. There had to be more. ...And this brings us to Web Page Design where we have again tried to psychoanalyze the dysfunctional lot we call "humans". My task on this mission has been to write strange psychological tests: to amuse and enlighten; to bring meaningless mush and make it enjoyable; to create an alternate reality much closer to what an alien such as I can find refuge in.

A gratitude of thanks must go to those who have served as inspiration...those so called humans and creations of humans who made this planet make some sort of sense: To Rod Serling and Groucho Marx and a "bear with very little brain" and of course Eeyore who likes the cold,wet, ugly bits and anyone else who was other than normal or on the outside.

The search goes on.......