Welcome to the Geek-O-Meter

Have you been accused of being a geek by friends? 
Has the amount of time you spend interacting with your machines increased lately?
Do you enjoy computer company over human contact?
Do you often feel like an alien?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may need to take the GEEK-O-METER TEST. Get out your pen and write down your answers to the questions on a piece of paper. Yes we know this is the old fashioned way. If it makes you feel better get out a calculator too.

1. My favorite place to be is:

  1. a. In bed with my lover
  2. b. In bed with somebody else's lover
  3. c. In bed with my pet and a remote control
  4. d. In bed with my laptop
  5. e. In bed with somebody else's laptop
2. When ordering clothes from a catalogue, you choose colors by:
  1. a. I never order clothes; I only shop in person
  2. b. the color and code given
  3. c. RGB or CYMK colors
  4. d. I don't order; I already own jeans and free T-shirts
  5. e. hexadecimal codes
3. Debabelizer is:
  1. a. something that makes people stop babbling
  2. b. something to do with the Tower of Babel
  3. c. something to do with web pages
  4. d. a free compression program
  5. e. a compression program that costs about $400
4. How do you spell the following word: anxious
  1. a. anxious
  2. b. anxious
  3. c. ancious
  4. d. ankshus
  5. e. antuios
5. If you were invited to a party, you would:
  1. a. accept and have fun
  2. b. find an excuse and do whatever you really want
  3. c. accept but later decline in an email
  4. d. I'm never invited to parties
  5. e. accept and once there find the nearest computer
6. Which of the following are good color combinations:
  1. a. red and black
  2. b. blue and red
  3. c. red, lime green, and purple
  4. d. color is meaningless
  5. e. magenta, cyan, fuchsia and olive
OK ....it's time for your results. Give yourself 
  • "0" for any "a" or "b" answers
  • "3" for any "c" answers
  • "4" for any "e" answers
  • "5" for any "d" answers
Now add up your total and click here for results