Foundations - Gen Ed Readings

Part I General Education Introduction:

1. Introduction to General Education --pg 12-13

2. The New World Order: Vision 2000 and Beyond--pg 14-18

3. Education for What? In the Technological Society-- pg 19-22

Part II: Critical Thinking:

4. Honing Generic Skills: Some Fallacies of Thinking --pg 31-38

Part III: Science and Technology

5. Introduction to Science and Technology --pg 44-45

6. Can We Know the Universe --pg 46-48

7. From the Big Bang to Black Holes: Our Picture of the Universe --pg 49-55

8. Unexpected Vistas: Eureka Moments in Science -pg 56-57

Part IV: The Social Sciences

9. Introduction to the Social Sciences --pg 106-107

10. Following Orders: If Hitler Asked You to Electrocute a stranger, Would You? Probably --pg 106-107

11. Talking cures: Freud in Briefs --pg 115-119

12. I am Canadian: The Meaning of Being Black in Canada --pg 141-143

Part V: The Arts and Humanities

16. Introduction to the Arts and Humanities --pg 174-175

17. Portrait of the Arts: Art for Art's Sake --pg 176-178

18. Guernica --pg 196-197

All Readings from the text-- Foundations:Society, Challenge and Change -Second Edition

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