GNED 1003-- Foundations Tentative Schedule
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Dates: Sept 5 - Dec 14, 2000 ---- Programs: Various

Days/times: Tuesday 11 am -12:00pm (236E), Thursday 8 am -10:00 am (236E)


Phone: Office:(St. James- King Street)






Sept 5 Introduction/Gen Ed Survey- General Education/Generic Skills Readings: Vision 2000 and Beyond/ Education for What (pg 12-22)
Sept 11

Video: From Information to Wisdom/ Critical Thinking

Form groups for Science & Technology Project

Readings: Honing Generic Skills (pg 31-38)
Sept 18 The Scientific Method Stephen Hawking Video: Stephen Hawkings Universe:The Big Bang Readings : Introduction to Science & Technology/Can We Know the Universe/Our Picture of the Universe/Eureka Moments (pg 44-57)
Sept 25

The Media: Are we being controlled? Noam Chomsky Video: Manufacturing Consent/Wag the Dog

Handout on Chomsky
Oct 2

Science & Technology Group Presentations

(25% of Final Mark)

Presentations (25%)
Oct 9

Science & Technology Group Presentations (25% of Final Mark)

Art- What is Art Video: By Women's Hands

Presentations (25%)
Readings: Introduction to the Arts and Humanities/ Portrait of the Arts/Guernica (pg 174-178,196-197)

Oct 16 No classes on Tuesday Oct 17 or Thurs Oct 19 - Meet at Art Gallery of Ontario 6 pm Wednesday Oct 18 instead of class Meet at Art Gallery Wed 6 pm
Oct 23 *****Intersession Week *****Work on Art Gallery Essay

Readings: Introduction to the Social Sciences (pg 106-107)

Oct 30

Freud Video :Freud / Learning Theory

Form groups for debates

Readings:Freud in Briefs

Nov 6

Learning Theory --- Preparation for debates

** Art Gallery Assignment Due (25% of Final Mark)

Art Gallery Assignment Due (25%) Readings: I am Canadian (pg 141-143)
Nov 13

Conformity, Compliance,Obedience--Video: Conformity -- Perception

Preparation for Debates

Handouts / Readings: Following Orders (pg 110-114) Milgram
Nov 20

What is Responsibility? Malcolm X --Video

Debates on Social Issues ( Individual marks-25% of final Mark)

Debates (25%)
Nov 27

Debates on Social Issues ( Individual marks-25% of final Mark

Video: Sister Wendy's Story of Painting: Modernism

Dec 4

Debates on Social Issues ( Individual marks-25% of final Mark)


Dec 11

Tues Dec 12 Review for Final Exam

Thursday Dec 14 Final Test (25%)

Final Test (25%)



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