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The Zonians are a Torontonian tribe who live on the northern and eastern slopes of the Toronto Plains surrounding the Don River.

The Zonians (from the Spanish Zooobjosta) call themselves "Zoots". The Zonians are hunter-gatherers who have lately become interested in web page design. They are a warlike people who feud among themselves and frequently shrink the heads of those in their presence.

The weapons of the Zonians include psychological tests of the legitimate and illegitimate kinds. When a person stumbles into their presence in the "flesh" or on the "net" that person is forthwith analyzed in an elaborate ceremony to protect the Zonians from being haunted by the so called 'sane' peoples.

After the victim's head is shrunk, she/he is put through a purification ceremony. If the victim is deemed certifiable she/he may be allowed to join the Zonians. The Zonians believe that to possess a shrunken head means good luck and represents the great courage of emptiness.

This type of shrunken head is a whole lot better than the ones that are boiled and turn out like "beef jerky". Still Zonians have been known to resort to the old fashioned head shrink especially for teachers who grade them below "A".

Before entering please read and agree to the following conditions:

I , (your name), promise to enter the KNOWZONE at my own risk. If I am forever changed, I promise to tell my friends of my revolutionary head shrinking. I promise to laugh at myself and to not violate THE Zonian Prime Directive!


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