Sample Transmittal Letter

The Baseball House
15 Home Run Way
Toronto, ON M8T BAT
(416) 555-5555


November 24, 2001

Ms. K. Hamilton, Investor
George Brown Investments
200 King Street East
Toronto, ON M1J 2Y2

Dear Ms. Hamilton:

Following our previous discussion, we are pleased to submit the Business Plan for The Baseball House. As mentioned, we are seeking an additional five investors who would invest $40,000 each. In return, The Baseball House would give each investor a guaranteed return of 5% of profit per year.

The Baseball House will provide a broad range of baseball equipment and services intended to meet the needs of baseball players at all levels of ability; from beginners to semi-professional to professional. The Baseball House will be the one stop shop for baseball in Southern Ontario. We have secured contracts will minor league teams and several community clubs in Ontario and have purchased the exclusive Canadian rights to the hockey- style catcher’s mask. The Baseball House will produce a four colour catalogue featuring our products that will be available throughout North America.

Our plan includes complete details of our marketing and financial plans and a detailed
schedule for the plan’s implementation. The plan also outlines our projected return for investors. From this projection, we are forecasting a 25% return on investment after the first year.

Our deadline for investment is December 15. On November 30th, 7:00 pm you are invited to a seminar/prelaunch party and information session at the SkyDome-in The Hitting Zone Conference Room. If you have any questions, the partners would be pleased to discuss these either at the seminar or at your convenience. We look forward to doing business with you.


J. Bond, S. Singh, H. Thibeau for The Baseball House

enclosure: Business Plan




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